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Luciane is a leader, real estate expert and motivational speaker for small groups or crowds of thousands. She is available for keynote addresses, workshops and media engagements. 

Luciane shares her inspirational story, excerpts from her book “Handle it, Get it together and finally have it all.” professional and life lessons on how to build winning businesses. Participants in her sessions come away with a belief in goal-setting, deep passion, and grit but most importantly with tools on how to win in any business. 

Twenty years ago, Luciane walked into a real estate office in Manhattan and convinced the manager to give “a young woman from Brazil who spoke little English and knew little about New York City,” a chance.

Since then, she has sold and managed billions of dollars in luxury real estate, coached thousands of agents, built some of the most successful offices in the nation, had two kids, became a fitness champion and published her first book, “HANDLE IT. Get it together and finally have it all. ” Handle it means motivating others to own and invest in properties, enjoy their families, and be healthy and physically fit. 

To book Luciane for a keynote, workshop or media appearance, please call +1.917.567.8767 or email

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