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Luciane Serifovic is a luxury real estate powerhouse, thought leader and CEO & founder of Luxian International Realty. The first luxury international virtually based real estate company using blockchain technology in the world while changing the real estate transaction to a remarkable luxurious experience.


She brings a “have it all” philosophy to her clients and agents which means securing the homes or investments of their dreams, enjoying their friends and families, and having healthy and sustainable lifestyles. 


That’s why Luciane founded Luxian – to address the need for remarkable and luxurious real estate experiences for high net worth sports and entertainment clients. Her mission is opening the door to the world’s most prized gems – luxury real estate, elite buyers and exclusive investments anywhere in the world - while at the same time finding breakthrough opportunities to address poverty. 


Nearly 20 years ago, Luciane walked into a real estate office in Manhattan and convinced the manager to give “a young woman from Brazil who spoke little English and knew little about New York City,” a chance. Since then and for the past 20 years, managed the sales of thousands of transactions, multi-millions of dollars of high-end New York real estate, secured properties and investments for clients in nearly all regions of the world, coached hundreds of agents, built the most successful real estate offices in the nation and appeared in many speaking and media engagements. 


In addition to being a champion fitness model, Luciane authored the book “Handle It: Get it Together and Finally Have it All.” The book is an inspirational immigrant story with a view of how women can succeed at work and home while using obstacles as life lessons to achieve their dreams. 



1.    Commit to always learning – no matter what you do or where you are. We all know knowledge is power. But it’s not because it makes you better than anyone else; it’s because it helps you connect with more people, in a stronger way. Every single person you meet in life will know something that you don’t, from the supermarket cashier to the CEO of your company. You simply have to care enough to find that thing.


2.    Don’t just sit there and watch. Having it all comes from both from knowing what you want, but also going after it and doing everything in your power to get it.


3.    Exceed expectations. Success is simply knowing what’s expected of you – and then exceeding those expectations. Be the role model you want to be.


4.    It’s about people first. When you make those around you happy, they will give you everything. Sometimes this is as simple as listening when they need to talk.


5.    Don’t stop until you get there. And then, go the extra mile! It’s all about giving 100% where it counts.


6.    Ask for what you want. Ask your boss, ask your peers, ask God or the Universe. If you don’t know what you want, figure it out – fast.


7.    Care more. It’s easy not to care these days; we’re pulled in so many directions, with a million things competing for our attention at every moment. When you’ve chosen what’s important to you, care just a little bit more about those things. It will show.


8.    Take care of yourself. If you put yourself last, everyone else will, too. It’s up to you to give yourself what you need. And that means sometimes saying no!


9.    Live your strengths, and know your weaknesses. Move forward on things you can change for the better, and get help where someone else might be better than you. Living your strengths – rather than focusing on your weaknesses – gives you the confidence and motivation to truly excel.

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